WE are so glad your here

We at First Baptist Church are so excited you are considering choosing us to walk with as you explore all God has for you and your life. We know this journey is very intimidating especially for people that are new to the journey or have not been on the path for a long time. So this page of our website is here to help put you as much at ease as we can. We are rooting for you to connect with God, and we hope that you choose to do that with us.

Location, and times

  • we are located at 321 W Illinois Ave, we are right in the heart of Vinita, we are the three story building located next to TH Rogers and Will Rogers Elementary School.

  • Our Church has had some remodels over the years, so parking and the main entrance are now at the back of the building.

  • The main entrance is marked to help you find the right door to enter

  • Once inside, our amazing welcome team will be there to help you find a class for you or your kids, and show you to our free breakfast and coffee station.

  • Sunday School starts at 9:30, and Service starts at 10:45

  • Contact us at 918.256.7831, or kristalpowell@fbcvinita.com

Worship and what to wear

two of the first questions asked is what kind of worship do you all have and what should we wear.

We worship with a praise band, that sings mostly contemporary music that  you would hear on Christian Radio, with a splash of favored hymns.

Dress is up to you, some of the older members still like to dress up pretty nice, while some of the younger mixes wear jeans and t shirt or button up. It is really up to you and what you feel comfortable in.